Text 24 Jul 2 notes Internet, I am disappointed with you

How is it that there isn’t a Photoshop of GOB in the new “Getaway” movie poster?

Text 5 Jul I keep forgetting that people actually still use tumblr and that the people and friends I followed are still posting things.
Text 27 May 1 note Spoilers? Not really? Kinda? Eh.

Who else enjoyed Dan Harmon’s cameo in Arrested Development?

Text 15 May 1 note

I can tell something is really upsetting me when I end up checking my tumblr.

Text 3 May The Iron-Man 3 after-credits tag is what tumblr is made off…
Chat 27 Apr 1 note Last week's Game of Thrones (3x4) perfect explanation [spoilers?]
  • Me: Dafuq?! Why is she killing everyone?!
  • Udoy: The pimps were in the crib and the pigs were trying to get at her. She had no choice but to drop it like its hot.
Text 21 Apr 3 notes Filmmaking Help

Guys, I made a movie about a family of monster hunters coping with the death of their eldest son. The movie follows their young daughter as she goes around killing monsters even though her parents are not ok with it.

It premieres in about three weeks and I don’t have a title for it. The current title is “The Family That Hunts Together” but it doesn’t really have a ring to it.


Text 17 Apr 3 notes The Big Bang Theory Post (that’s a first)

So, some of you might know, I was a big fan of TBBT, back in its first three seasons. I stopped watching it because it wasn’t funny anymore (imo). And, imo, most of it, I owe to how much I dislike the character of Amy Farrah Fowler. For me, she’s just lame, boring, and pushing the comedy in ways I do not enjoy. I love Bernadette, and most of Penny; Leslie Winkle was good.

Either way, that’s not the point I’m getting at, the point I’m getting at is that I dislike her for her comedy and not because of her looks. I was reading the comments on a tv website and everything they said was “Sheldon waited 30 years to get with someone, why would he get with someone as hideous as her? She’s repulsive!” Woah, woah, woah, hold on, cowboy, really? That’s kinda messed up. Have you been watching TBBT? Have you met Sheldon Cooper? Does he seem to you like the kind of guy that is looking for a super hot girl? Sheldon wants a partner, and that, Amy delivers. Are you really gonna be such douches and say that they shouldn’t be together because she’s ugly? That’s kinda fucked up, America.

Here’s a link to the page (it has spoilers), the comments are the ofessive part. 

What do you think?

Photo 11 Apr 3 notes calebjay:

Okay, I won’t touch your computer… Geez

My friend found my note on the computer. I’m glad he didn’t touch it.


Okay, I won’t touch your computer… Geez

My friend found my note on the computer. I’m glad he didn’t touch it.

Video 11 Apr 1 note

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